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A "True" Crow Fan

I have been approached by Irony to start writing a weekly article that will tickle your brain, and also inform. These articles will include general information and, like today, issues to arouse your interest and promote conversation. All the articles will be Crow oriented in some manner. For the first article, I will identify the audience for whom these articles are intended. I will be catering to the "true" Crow fans out there. I know some eyebrows have raised with that statement. Nothing gets blood boiling and tempers flaring more than when someone makes a claim about what a "true" Crow fan would or wouldn’t be. I think to get an accurate meaning of what a "true" Crow fan is, we need to visit Webster’s dictionary for some clarification. True - Loyal, Faithful, reflecting sincerely one’s feelings. Fan - An enthusiastic devotee, or follower. Given these definitions, do you fall into the category of a "true" Crow fan? I think we all do, no matter what movie, comic, or book we like best. I will not cater to one specific aspect of The Crow. If your interest in the Crow is single focused, i.e. only a fan of the first movie and nothing else, my broad scope of coverage inside the vast world of The Crow may be too wide sweeping for your taste. There will be something for every true Crow fan out there. All of the articles will be done with a sense of respect for the work and, in some cases, from a humorous point of view. There is one thing I do not do and that is let fictional stories take on more importance than real life. You tend to loose your sense of humor and reality when you let stories that are meant to entertain consume you to the point of becoming a pseudo-reality. Coupled with the News, Reflections, and Q&A section, frequent visitors to ABaHB will, without a doubt, be on the forefront of Crow topics of interest. All the more reason to bookmark ABaHB.

Take care.


2005 Posts

July 19th, 2005
The Crow: Wicked Prayer Conquers ComicCon
This past Sunday, Eddie Furlong, Tito Ortiz, Lance Mungia and Jeff Most autographed THE CROW: WICKED PRAYER posters at San Diego's Comicon convention for three solid hours. ComicCon organizers told the reps from Buena Vista Home Entertainment that THE CROW: WICKED PRAYER booth had one of the largest turnouts of autograph seekers during the entire convention. They were right up there with THE FANTASIC FOUR, BATMAN BEGINS and other mega-budget films!

People waited in line up to three hours to meet the cast and crew and get their autographs. The autograph session was only supposed to be for an hour. After THREE hours, ComicCon organizers eventually had to turn a number of fans away. I think this speaks volumes to the interest the fan base still has in the franchise and in the new film coming out.

In other news related, as we reported a few weeks back, THE CROW: WICKED PRAYER, received a Three out of Five Stars rating from"Variety's" "DVD Exclusive", which accompanies "Variety" Magazine to subscribers. The film received a FOUR out of FIVE Stars from the User panel of professionals who rate the film :http://www.dvdexclusive.com/article.asp?articleID=2185

The Home Video trade paper DVD EXCLUSIVE has a wide distribution through the home video world.  It's the home video business' most widely circulated Trade Paper.

will be entered into the competition for "Best Video Premiere of the Year" culled from the 12 monthly winners of the title!

All of this is fantastic news. Do not forget, we will be updating everyone about the prizes being offered in our "Wicked" Summer giveaway that will take place the 1st of August. We have some really cool stuff as well as some really useful stuff. CleanItSupply, national distributor of the best janitorial supplies, has donated a years supply of paper towels! The large cleaning supplies wholesaler also has a scholarship program to be announced here. MoonAtMidnight is donating some very high end Batman sweatshirts and hoodies. Stay tuned, we expect to have more announcements shortly.

THE CROW: WICKED PRAYER hits the shelves tonight/tomorrow, get out and rent or buy the film and check it out!

Take Care.....Come what may


July 16th, 2005
Furlong Talking Crow
Fangoria, Moviehole and Bloody-Disgusting recently posted interviews with the lead Crow from Wicked Prayer himself, Eddie Furlong. Give them a look.



Thanks to Chuck, Tom & James for the heads up on the interviews.
July 8th, 2005
Jeff Most Interviewed @ JoBlo
Crow producer Jeff Most recently sat down with JoBlo's Arrow for an interview. He gives some insight to the production of THE CROW: WICKED PRAYER as well as some information on the score CD release for WICKED PRAYER, as well as the future of the franchise.


July 6th, 2005
Loads of Wicked Prayer Updates
Film Threat will have Lance Mungia on their t.v. show on July 19th. Seems they were impressed with Wicked Prayer and want Lance to come on and talk about it.

Cinemafantistque magazine is doing a big spread on Wicked Prayer. They will be interviewing Lance Mungia later this week.

Jeff Most, Lance Mungia and Eddie Furlong will be at San Diego's ComicCon this coming Sunday, July 10th, 11am to noon. They are looking into DragonCon and hope to have word on that after San Diego's Con. Thanks to Stephen for the link.

Tito Ortiz will be team captain for a mixed martial arts fighting event called Freedom Fight in Canada. He will be heading Team America, and fighting Gary Goodrich's Team Canada. Wicked Prayer will be promoted during the telecast with scenes showcasing Tito. This will be in Canada July 25th, nationwide on free t.v. (supposed to be shown on their biggest sports network).

DVDX has voted Wicked Prayer top premiere dvd for July 19 to August 19. The academy of 600 voters includes the likes of Wes Craven. Thanks to Shai for the image and heads up.

According to someone that goes by the nick "metallik1984" over at IMDB, they have confirmed through some reliable sources that the trailer for Wicked Prayer will be part of the Dracula III: Legacy DVD release, which is on July 12th. Take this with a grain of salt, but they sound pretty convinced this will happen. Thanks to Johnny Margera for the heads up.

That is it. A lot of updates there. Lots of great things happening. The release of the DVD is only two weeks away!!


May 28th, 2005
Just wanted to remind folks that are located in the Seattle area, next Friday night, June 3rd,  THE CROW: WICKED PRAYER will premiere at the AMC Pacific Place Theatre in Seattle Washington. The film will have a one week engagement there and it is open to general admission audience. So get out and see it. Make sure to contact us with your review so we can post it here for others to see. We hope to have a review for everyone early Saturday the 4th, so stay tuned for that.

Those in the U.S., hope you have a safe Memorial Day weekend. I highly recommend you check out Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith if you haven't already (I have seen it 3-times already).


May 13th, 2005
DVDanswers Posts Wicked Prayer DVD artwork
We had reported a few weeks back that DVDanswers would have the DVD cover artwork soon for THE CROW: WICKED PRAYER. Good to their word, here it is: http://www.dvdanswers.com/index.php?r=0&s=1&c=6523&n=1&burl

Thanks to Chuck for the heads up. We should expect a trailer coming soon. One would imagine we will see it on one of the June Dimension direct to video releases. We will have to see.


May 7th, 2005
The Crow: Wicked Prayer Gets a One-Screen Theatrical Release
We have received some sweet updates for THE CROW: WICKED PRAYER lately from anonymous folks. The latest came in just today. THE CROW: WICKED PRAYER will have a one screen release in Seattle at the AMC Pacific Place Theatre on Friday June 3rd.  Thereafter, it will be released on DVD July 19th. 

This is great news for fans in the Seattle area. I hope Crow fans in that area go and check the movie out. I think you are going to be pleasantly surprised by the film. We would like any fans that make it to the screening to send us your thoughts so we can get the word out about the film.

Speaking of the DVD, it is shaping up to be a very nice release. The extras will have a more personal feel to them than the usual promotional fluff that are on DVD's these days. The extras are being done in the same fashion/style that Robert Rodriquez has used with his “10 Minute” features. We will keep you posted on that, as well as any more production photos that make their way to the net.


May 5th, 2005
The Crow: Wicked Prayer Image
The Comics Continuum is running a story with the DVD details for WIcked Prayer, much the same as we ran here, but in addition, there's a brand new pic of Eddie Furlong as The Crow!


April 28th, 2005
The Crow: Wicked Prayer DVD Details
DVDanswers has posted the early specs for THE CROW: WICKED PRAYER's DVD release, which is still scheduled for July 19th. Here is their update:

Title: The Crow: Wicked Prayer
Starring: Edward Furlong
Released: 19th July 2005
SRP: $29.99

Dimension Home Video has also announced The Crow: Wicked Prayer which stars Edward Furlong, Tara Reid, David Boreanaz, Emmanuelle Chriqui and Dennis Hopper. In the fourth installment of "The Crow" series, Luc Crash, the leader of a satanic gang of bikers, murders a young man named Jimmy Cuervo and his girlfriend Lily for the purpose of a ritual to make Crash an immortal demon. Cuervo rises from the dead with the power of the crow to avenge his girlfriend's death, and to stop the completion of the unholy ritual. The disc will be available to own from the 19th July, and priced at around $29.99. As well as an anamorphic widescreen transfer and English Dolby Digital 5.1 track, the disc will include a filmmaker audio commentary, deleted scenes, storyboards, a feature on the production design and a behind the scenes featurette. We'll bring you the official package artwork very shortly. Stay tuned.

We will keep a look out for the artwork being posted on DVDanswers. Thanks to Chuck for the heads up on the update.


April 24th, 2005
THE CROW: WICKED PRAYER Screening Pictures

While checking our email the other day, three pictures flew in from an anonymous source. The only thing we know about these are that they are from a party that took place after the Make a Wish screening of THE CROW: WICKED PRAYER on March 2nd. We will do our best to identify the persons in the pictures.

The first picture is of Jamie Christopherson, score composer, and stars Emmanuelle Chriqui who plays Lily and Eddie Furlong who plays Jimmy. The second picture is a group photo. On the far right is Lance Mungia, director, Jeff Most, producer, David Ortiz who plays Sherrif Tanner, Rena Owen who plays Mary, and the Crow fan for which the screening was about (not sure we can release her name, so will not). After that, not sure who the other folks are, a guess would be crew members as I do not recognize any of them as being actors in the film. The third picture is of Lance Mungia holding the guest of honor. A really cool picture. If you notice in the picture, the poster right beside/behind Lance is the actual guitar from the first Crow film that was smashed on the roof top. These photos were taken at the Hard Rock Cafe.

So there you have it. Like I said, we were given minimal information about these photos and don't know who exactly it was that sent them in. But we appreciate the look at the after screening party. Judging by the shots, the guest of honor looked very pleased and had a fantastic time. We hope and pray her condition improves and all the prayers and best wishes go out to her.

Keep checking with us for more information on THE CROW: WICKED PRAYER's DVD release.


March 13th, 2005
Another Positive Review For The Crow: Wicked Prayer
Fans, we have ANOTHER positive review from the recent screening of The Crow: Wicked Prayer. It can be found at Countingdown.com.


March 11th, 2005
The Crow: Wicked Prayer Gets “Thumbs Up” Review
Any person who has visited our site for a while knows that I have been vocal about how good the latest Crow film is going to be. Even in the face of negative reports from other sites with supposed “inside informants” who have remained negative about the film, I have stood firm in my communications to fellow fans that this film, The Crow: Wicked Prayer, was a step above the previous sequels. Well, seems I am not the only one. An inpidual was able to catch the recent Make a Wish screening of The Crow: Wicked Prayer and submitted their review to Aint-It-Cool. 

Now this is just one person's opinion, so it is probably early to claim total vindication, but this review is consistent with other reviews of the film that have been communicated to me verbally. Beyond that, I know from everything I have personally seen that this review is in line with what I have seen. Thanks to Robert Shramek, Matt Reynolds and Digitalgungfu for the heads up on the story.

But it doesn't stop here. Stay tuned to ABaHB news. We are about to have a post in the next few days that we think you are going to really love.


March 8th, 2005
Jamie Christopherson's Site To Post THE CROW: WICKED PRAYER Screening Pics
THE CROW: WICKED PRAYER composer Jamie Christopherson makes mention on his site that he will have pictures posted soon from the cast & crew screening that took place last week for The Crow: Wicked Prayer through the Make a Wish foundation. From everything we have heard, the film received an overwhelming "thumbs up" by those in attendance. As soon as Jamie's site has the pictures up, we will let you know.

Thanks to Chuck for the heads up. Be sure to visit Jamie's site to check out sound files and hear from him at http://www.jamiechristopherson.com


February 24th, 2005
The Crow: Wicked Prayer Coming To DVD July 19??  AND First Ever Top Dollar
It would seem that date is getting some major press on the web the last few dates. Back a few months we were alerted to the site VideoETA which had posted a July date as a possible release for The Crow: Wicked Prayer to hit DVD. Just the last couple of days, superherohype, comingsoon and Amazon have updated their sites with the July 19th date as well. More recently, Fangoria has picked up the date.

It would appear according to the Fangoria report that Miramax has officially announced this as THE date of release. I am staying cautiously optimistic about this news due to some things I am aware of. There have been more than a few DVD release dates announced the past few weeks only to be followed days later with news they were being pushed out. Not to be pesimistic, just staying guarded about my enthusiasm until that badboy is in my hands!!! Here is the actual update on Fangoria which was sent to us by Corvus and Concave Screem":

23: THE CROW: WICKED PRAYER finally flies in Dimension Home Video has finally settled on a release date for THE CROW: WICKED PRAYER, the fourth in the series spawned by the hit Brandon Lee-starrer. The movie arrives on VHS and DVD July 19; the disc will retail for $29.99, but no details about supplements have been announced yet. WICKED PRAYER stars Edward Furlong as the latest resurrectee, who takes on the
mantle of The Crow after he and his girlfriend (WRONG TURN's Emmanuelle Chriqui) are murdered by a gang of Satanist bikers led by Luc Crash (ANGEL's David Boreanaz). Tara Reid and Dennis Hopper co-star; Lance (SIX STRING SAMURAI) Mungia directed from a script he wrote with Jeff Most and Sean Hood. -Michael Gingold
Thanks to Peter Zagrzebski, Aaron Blaine, Chuck R, Tom Gayliardi, Kenny C, Kyle Mahler, Concave Scream, Corvus, Xeno Hunter, Benjamin Bracker and Brent Smallwood for the heads up.

Xeno Hunter also sent us this url, These are the Wicked Prayer production photos that were taken off the net some time back. Best get out here and check these out before they too get taken down. 

And if all that wasn't enough, Concave Scream also sent us this url to NECA for the first ever Top Dollar figure part of a Crow figure box set in the epic final battle on
the roof top with Eric!!! Check out NECA for this.

Thanks to everyone that has been passing on information. The week is ending on a major up note for The Crow!!!

Take care.....


January 11th, 2005
The Crow: Wicked Prayer Composer Site Launched
The composer for the latest Crow movie, Jamie Christopherson, launched his official site mid December of last year. It is http://www.jamiechristopherson.com/index2.html . Go and give it a look. He discusses a little bit about the scoring of The Crow: Wicked Prayer (look under “current projects” heading). Also, you can read how his wife was involved with the score in the “About Jamie” section. She is mentioned towards the end of the section. Those that have purchased and/or are familiar with the popular Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth, he scored that game (has several film, TV, game & documentary credits) .

A large thanks to Chuck for once again scouring the net and finding us fans more information on the Wicked Prayer production/post-production.

Take care……


December 1st, 2004
Wicked Prayer Stright to Video
From Variety, this report from Bloody Disgusting says it all.

Dimension's 'Crow: Wicked Prayer' Flying DTV
After exchanging soft blows with an actress in the film and warding off rumors from other websites regarding the release of Dimension Films' it looks like we were right on the money. In a special DVD holiday issue of Variety, Dimension announced the next 'Crow' film as one of their direct-to-video DVDs for 2005, alongside Hellrasier: Hellworld/Deader and The Prophecy sequels. I guess the reports are true- the film is terrible, but you'll be able to judge for yourself sometime in 2005. Lance Munjia's film stars Edward Furlong, Tara Reid, David Borianaz, Dennis Hopper, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Marcus Chong, Tito Ortiz, Rena Owen, Danny Trejo and Macy Gray.

More to come...


November 4rd, 2004
New Picture of Eddie Furlong from Wicked Prayer & Interview

Our good friend Chuck was scouting out the net and ran into a thread on IMDB that had a user named Arkitekt who posted a new picture of Eddie Furlong in Crow makeup and costume from the upcoming Crow film Wicked Prayer. Here is the link:


We highly recommend you go out and check it out before it goes the way of previous Wicked Prayer pictures. This is a great shot of Eddie in full costume.

Finally, another good friend Gabi posted a link over at the Room for an article on Eddie Furlong from Strut Magazinehttp://www.strutmagazine.com/m_articles_details.ch2?id=134 The complete
article will be in the current issue.

Thanks to Chuck for the heads up and to Arkitekt for posting the url. Also thanks to Gabi for the article heads up.


October 31st, 2004
Variety & Fangoria Report on Wicked Prayer

concave_scream sends us this mention of Wicked Prayer in a recent Fangoria.com report, the source of the information is the trade publication Variety:

October 26: Miramax seeks releasing partner for genre pix

Variety reports that Miramax is currently seeking outside partners to distribute a number of its
unreleased films, including direct-to-video franchise entries. The company is also seeking to pvy up
production responsibilities on movies on its development slate with other studios. This means that
a number of genre titles that have been languishing on Miramax and Dimension's shelves may finally see the light of day, including the Christina Ricci-starrer THE GATHERING, the psychological thriller THE I INSIDE starring Ryan Phillippe and a whole slew of sequels including DRACULA III: LEGACY, THE CROW: WICKED PRAYER, the seventh and eighth HELLRAISER movies and the fourth and fifth PROPHECY films, not to mention notable Asian adventures like THE LEGEND OF ZU and TEARS OF THE BLACK TIGER. 

Not to read too much into this, but the mention of"direct-to-video franchise entries" would seem to
point toward Wicked Prayer being direct-to-video as almost all the films it is mentioned with are DTV
franchise titles for Dimension (Hellraiser, Prophecy and Dracula).

As we reported some time back, there has been a lot of inner termoil within Dimension due to the ongoing unstable ground that Miramax is currently on. Wicked Prayer is due to be completed within a few weeks, perhaps this is perfect timing and it will not sit on the Miramax/Dimension shelf for long. Keep checking with us as we learn more in the coming weeks.


September 30th, 2004
Wicked Prayer Release In Germany Gains Steam Jens Grohmann from Germany sent along this link to a German site that lists upcoming movie releases in Germany. As reported at IMDB, they list February 3rd, 2005, for a release date. This isn't "official" confirmation, but it does seem to be in line with previous reports we have seen. As we have come to learn, ANY reports outside of official channels need to be taken at face value. Still no word on release dates for other countries, so those in the UK, Australia, U.S., France, etc, continue to wait and see.

The production continues to wait on various administrative and post production processes to be finished up. The word is VERY positive on the latest cut of the film and it still looks like the film will be delivered to Miramax/Dimension in November/December time frame. Of course, then we must wait for Dimension to figure out what they want to do with the film. Given what we have seen and information from the production, Dimension should be pleased with the end results. As we reported, there is a lot of personnel shifting going on at Miramax/Dimension, so beyond the normal stuff, the film will have to fight for its release with all that going on. Nothing is ever easy in the Crow world :)

Take Care...


August 25th, 2004
Wicked Prayer Storyboards Online
Our good friend Chuck has once again sent us another great scoop this week. A site for Big Guy Productions has posted a few of what they say are over 900 storyboard drawings they created for The Crow: Wicked Prayer. Go here to see the sample of storyboards. We can tell you that these storyboards are authentic as they match the scripts we have been privy to. Along with the storyboards, Big Guy Productions also developed conceptual artwork for the look and costuming of some of the main characters. The storyboards that are posted on the site show two different scenes from the movie and give you a peek at what to expect.

Thanks to Chuck for the scoop. Keep checking with us for more information on Wicked Prayer.


July 10th, 2004
UK To Get Wicked Prayer In 2005 According to the UK edition of Kerrang! magazine, UK audiences should expect to see Wicked Prayer some time in 2005. The small article makes no mention of a specific date unfortunately. We have a copy of the article sent to us by our good friend Vermin from the UK. The article is at the bottom of this picture from the mag.

Thanks to Vermin for passing on this article. Another good piece of new for the UK folks this week!


July 8th, 2004
Wicked Prayer Getting Final TouchesWe reported yesterday that the current U.S. release date (August 5 th or 6 th depending on what site you visit) for Wicked Prayer posted on IMDB and other sites was incorrect due to the film still being in the "editing" process. We have more specific information today. The film is currently at the optical house for completion of the special effects. The effects will not be completed for an August release.  Once the effects are completed, a more precise release schedule will be known. But it for sure it will not be August 5th or 6th.


July 5th, 2004
U.S. Release Date On IMDB

We have received a flood of inquiries about the U.S. release date on IMDB

We can tell you that according to our sources, the film will only be seen in the cutting room in August.
It will NOT be released anywhere in August. There is still sound and score mixing to be completed on the film as well as other post-production activities. Along with that, any test screenings that will take place have yet to be scheduled and will not be until the film is mixed/put together enough for viewing. We are not sure where IMDB got their August 5th release date from, but according to our sources, do not expect it to happen.

Where the film currently sets in post-production, a more realistic release date is late 2004, between
October and December (we recently posted an update on the IMDB mentioned release date of 2 December for Germany. This would be a more accurate release date given the current progress of post production).

Thanks to all the people who have sent us the IMDB link, Christian, Lenore, Chuck, Lizzie, Chris and Terrence (if we are forgetting anyone sorry, we have tried to keep up with everyone's names). The release date has become a subject of discussion over at the ChambeRoom and CrowColl forums, go there and see what is being said.

Keep checking our news section for updates. We will have some exclusive production information to post in regard to Wicked Prayer soon, stuff you will not want to miss!

June 23rd, 2003
Wicked Prayer Update

Everything is moving ahead with the latest Crow movie. They had a delay due to some post production crew changes. That, coupled with the normal changes and cuts asked for by Miramax/Dimension, has made the post production phase extend longer than originally expected. The extended time has afforded the opportunity for the score to be worked on extensively and early reports are this will be one of the most powerful scores yet. We have not heard anything as far as if there will be a soundtrack album and honestly, we are not so sure there will be one this time around. We will have to wait and see on that. There is still no confirmation on the release, whether it will be direct to video or in theaters. We must remain patient and know that Lance and crew are working to make this a movie fans will be proud of.


2000 Posts

The Crow News April 2000

April 30th, 2000
O'Barr Interview Part 3
Q. What did you think about the casting decisions, particularly Eric Mabius?

A. I think Eric was a good choice. He really comes across as sincere. You know, a lot of the dialogue and things that are in these films can seem ridiculous or ludicrous if they're not read the right way... with the proper sincerity, [and] I think think he really pulls it off... pretty heartfelt, and he seems to enjoy what he's doing. He definitely, definitely carries the role of The Crow.

Q. It seems they tried to go for a younger audience with this movie with the casting of Kirsten Dunst and Jodi Lyn. Do you think that's successful?

A.I don't know if it's necessarily [geared for] a younger audience. I mean, it all kind of starts with the teenagers, you know, 16 to 20's, and I think [the film] definitely stays with that kind of age group. [So], it doesn't seem like that big of a difference to me.

Q. What do you think of the casting decision of Kirsten Dunst?

A. My wife and I had just watched Interview With The Vampire a couple of months ago, and we really liked her role in that. We hadn't seen anything where she's more grown up... So, we were not necessarily skeptical, but we just, you know, we wanted to see what she was capable of now. And I think all the scenes she;s in, she [handles] really well... definitely an up-and-coming actress.

Q. What about Jodi Lyn [O'Keefe?]

A. Actually, I think she was one of my favorite parts in the new film. I mean, I think she embodies the elements that were supposed to be Shelly [Eric Draven's fiancee] even better than the actress in the first film did. She would have been the perfect choice for Shelly; she comes across as very natural... she's kind of got an inner beauty that I think really works for her.


April 29th, 2000
O'Barr Interview Part 2
The following interview was conducted by Shannon McIntosh and Jeff Conner.

Q. So, when you were approached about doing the original Crow movie, did you ever think there would be so many movies?

A. No, When I was first approached about doing my book as a film, I thought the chances of it actually coming to fruition were pretty much nil. In the first place, it wasn't even finished. It was about halfway done, and it wasn't a very linear story. It kind of starts in the middle and works its way backward. The Goth elements that have come into public favor were kind of like fringe elements back then, and although I knew [the comic] had an audience, it was a lot smaller, more select audience back then. So, I'm really shocked that it's three films and a TV show later, and it's still going.

Q. Why do you think that is?

A. I guess it gives those certain kids-the outsider kids-a sense of validation, that they are important, that what they think or care about means something. I'm glad I could contribute to that somewhat.

Q. Now you've just seen Salvation, but before we get into that, let's go back to when your first read the script...

A. Yeah, when I first read the script, I was appreciative that it wasn't just repetitive of what the first film did and what the second film attempted to do. It wasn't like they had these five stock elements they had to work with in over and over and over again. It took this new kind of fugitive bent on it, which I thought was pretty unique; it seemed to work out pretty well.

Q. And now you've seen the film...

A. Yeah, now I've seen it, and I'm pretty impressed with Bharat's direction. It has some really nice camera work in it, and I think they went for a smaller, more introspective story. It's not all explosions and one action scene after another. It's concerned more with the relationships between the people, which I think was a good way to go/ It doesn't just keep repeating what the first two films did.

Submit Bar
A lot of people might find it difficult to submit things to us here at ABaHB, because the submit button is at the bottom of the page, so to save you loading time and frustration, we've put a little note at the top, so you can always reach us! On another note, thanks to all those Crow Fans who have been writing in with encouraging letters, you're the best!


April 28th, 2000
James O'Barr Interview
From the Crow Magazine comes an article of James O'Barr by Shannon McIntosh and Jeff Conner. This is just the first part, so read on!


Responding to a personal tragedy, artist James O'Barr first conceived of The Crow, an avatar of retribution, as a comic book project, which he began working on in the early 80's while stationed in Berlin with the Marines (and drawing combat manuals for the U.S Army). Finding that he had problems with authority figures (he'd enlisted to impose some structure on his life, a strategy that turned out to be more effective than he'd planned), O'Barr left the Marines and returned to his native Detroit where he held a series of odd jobs (including pin-striping cars and silk-screening T-shirts) while continuing to craft his brooding ambitious vision of The Crow.

O'Barr fashioned his epic tale of lobe and vengeance transcending the constraints of death, with equal parts classic fantasy literature (Edgar Allen Poe and Lewis Carroll). Eastwood-style westerns (High Plains Drifter), and the burgeoning Gothic music scene, which he had encountered firsthand in the Berlin clubs, seeing such bands as Bauhaus and the Cure, as well as Detroit's own Iggy pop. The poetry of Rimbaud and the lyrics of Joy pision's Ian Curtis also had a profound impact on O'Barr's creativity (he would incorporate references and direct quotes throughout the finished comic).

A self taught artist, O'Barr's early style appeared to be distinctly influenced by Will Eisner (whose landmark Spirit series from the 1940s and '50s had been reprinted in magazine format in the early '70s) and the moody, expressionistic cinematography of classic film noir (elements also present in Eisner's wry, mystery narratives). However, O'Barr cites Renaissance artists, especially Michelangelo, for guiding his study of anatomy and musculature (he also took two years of medical classes). Indeed, in a field currently dominated by hollow displays of technical dexterity and fetishistic worship of grotesque costumed heroes, O'Barr's total command of the human form, his sensitive rendering and expressive line work, make him some of the most original talents on the scene today.

O'Barr's input into how his vision is represented in other media has been valued by producers Edward R. Pressman and Jeff Most. The newest film, The Crow: Salvation, is no different, with O'Barr receiving treatments and scripts all along the development process. (James, of course, has his own projects that keep him busy.)

In early August of 1999, James and his wife, Kerin, were guests of the production for a private look at an "almost final but not quite" but of the new film. Scheduling problems had prevented him them from visiting the set in Salt Lake City, so this was their first meeting with filmmaker Bharat Nalluri and star Eric Mabius. A long, congenial dinner with the filmmakers (including producer Jeff Most) took place on Sunday night. James viewed the rough cut on Monday morning, and sat for an interview with Miramax's Shannon McIntosh right before lunch. He also visited Eric in the dubbing studio, where the actor was looping dialogue for the film (i.e fixing lines with bad production sound).


April 27th, 2000
Magazine Review
ABaHB's resident writer LLcruize wings in a review of The Crow Magazine #1, and along with that a pic! So, read on and enjoy...


Todd McFarlane's The Crow Magazine Vol 1
Volume 1 houses the first two chapters of the Image Crow comic series. The magazine format offers a larger look at the storyboards, 8 1/2 X 11 compared to the usual comic format of 6 1/2 x 10 1/2 . Along with the two chapters of previous comics, the magazines offers an interview with James O'Barr, Crow history article, and an article detailing the process that went into creating the Image Crow figure. The James O'Barr interview is a reprint of the interview that is in volume 8 of the Image Crow comic. For those that missed it then, now is your chance to read what O'Barr himself has to say about COA, STH, Salvation, Image, and other items. The articles detailing the history of The Crow, and the Crow figure process, were written by Steve Niles. The history article is very informative for any fan that has not read previous articles detailing the history of The Crow . The article does credit O'Barr with writing the script for Salvation. This is an error. The article was written before Salvation started production, and O'Barr was not consulted for the article. The writer probably based his comment on the report in the O'Barr edited "Shattered Lives & Broken Dreams", that he was working on the script for the next movie. The figure article is very detailed, and interesting. This magazine is a good collectors item for those that enjoyed the Image comic series, or just like having all Crow materials. If you were not a fan of the Image comic series, it probably will not change your mind. There is no mention of volume 2, so no idea if, or when any further magazines will be put out.

Take care......LLcruize

Littlecough sends in this update on Kirsten Dunst!

"I caught Kirsten Dunst on the Daily Show last night(4/25) and tho' I didn't get the whole interview,from what I saw,she didn't mention Salvation-she was there to promote the Virgin Suicides. Just thought you'd like to know."


April 26th, 2000
We're busy working on our new site today, so the news will suffer a little. Soon we will be moving off into a new home, so stay tuned for that, Crow Fans! While you're waiting, check out the Salvation Section if you're hungry for Salvation info or the Discussion Forum if you're in the mood for a chat!

Our good friend Joshua Bunkofske sends this in for all you STH fans;

"I just read that Sabine Karsenti, who played Shelly in Stairway to Heaven, is in the upcoming movie Battlefield Earth."


April 25th, 2000
Score Review
LLcruize's latest review is of the Crow Salvation Score! For those who haven't got it yet, have a good read;

Beltrami's 'Salvation' score is a good one

Marco Beltrami stays with the dark overtones that were established with the Revell scores of the previous Crow movies. That is where the similarities end. Salvation's score echoes a more traditional style of composition, compared to the South American influenced pieces of the previous scores. The "love theme" from The Crow has been reworked to fit the tones of Salvation. To the untrained ear, there is hardly any resemblance between this theme, and its original form on the previous two scores. This is not a bad thing. Salvation has set out to push and expand the boundaries set by previous Crow movies. The score is no exception. Beltrami effectively captures the pain, sorrow, love, and mystery prevalent in the movie. The latter, mystery, is a key new element to the music. This time around, the main character has to wade through the mystery of his girlfriend's death in order to find those that murdered her, as well as set him up as her killer. Beltrami adequately tempers his horror genre roots (he scored all three Scream movies), and gives us a very satisfying score of music. The score CD is enhanced with a Salvation screen saver, and 4 printable pictures drawn by O'Barr. These are the same pictures included in the soundtrack CD sleeve. There is a full color copy of each picture, as well as a black and white version.


Perez Update
Alex Allen sends this in about what Vincent Perez is up to!

' i saw him on the Rosie O'donel or whatever show this morning (April 24th) representing his new movie, she went through a whole slew of his movies with the exeption of the one we all know and cried over, Crow: City of Angels. Just thought I'd let you know that.'


April 24th, 2000
Crow Questions
As always, we here at ABaHB like to dispel any rumor that's been flying about in regards to The Crow, and we also want to answer all your questions, so go check out theCrow Questions and Answers section of ABaHB, as it's just been updated and full of Crow facts!


April 23rd, 2000 Easter Edition
Zombie's New Project
Move over 2037, move over Black Rider X, Rob Zombie's new movie project has nothing to do with The Crow Franchise at all! Despite Jeff Most's boasting of Black Rider X (a reworked Crow: 2037) being Zombie's next film, Rob Zombie has shown his disgust at his treatment over 2037 for some time, making Black Rider X a non possibility. Here's a run down of his new project courtesy of our good friends at robzombie.com:

"Starting in 3 weeks, Rob Zombie will begin shooting his first major motion picture, entitled "House of 1000 Corpses". Release date is tentatively scheduled for a February 2001 release, and will have Rob behind the camera as both director and writer. Rob has done an electronic press release, including video clips explaining his motives, and the site can be found at http://www.houseof1000corpses.com/. "

Extra thanks to: Dark Crow X


Dunst Promotion
Despite many talks of Kirsten Dunst previously appearing on talk shows and talking about Salvation, she was promoting her new movie, and did not mention Salvation. This is just to dispel a lot of rumor that's been going around.


April 22nd, 2000
The Winged Messenger
ABaHB Articles

LLcruize and CrowFinder give a controversial look at some possible reasons for Salvation being delayed in their new article, 'Timing is Everything.' Go over and have a read, and if you want to discuss some of the matter involved with the article, then please head over to ABaHB's Discussion Forum and post a message!


April 21st, 2000
Crow Salvation Score Pics

As you all know by now, The Salvation Score has hit stores everywhere! For those who have missed out so far, here are the pics from the CD.


Fan Fiction Archive
There's a great site on the net which draws a lot of respect from all of us here at ABaHB, and that is The Crow Fan Fiction Archive. For those of you who haven't seen it yet, please go over and have a look!

April 20th, 2000
Also Released
Here's yet another reason to go down to your local comic stores, Crow Fans! The Crow trade paperback Volume 2 has now been released, so go and check it out.



Written by Jon J. Muth and John Kuramoto, art by Michael Gaydos and Paul Lee, cover by Simon Davis.

More of the stark world of The Crow is revealed and collected in this second volume. The tale of The Crow's vengeance unfurls to create a series of underlying sub. This volume collects issues #4 as well as #7 through #10.

120 pages, $10.95 (US).


April 19th, 2000
Go out to your local comic stores, because Image has released it's trade paperback volume of The Crow!


THE CROW Trade Paperback Volume 1: Vengeance

Todd McFarlane Productions

(W) Jon J Muth

(A) Jamie Tolagston & Paul Lee

(C) Mark Nicholas, Cover by Ashley Wood

When Eric Draven's life is ended by a street gang, no one has any idea that it will lead to his resurrection as The Crow-least of all, those who killed him. But as each of his murderers is brutally killed, they learn that Eric Draven has had his soul wrapped in the supernatural cloak of The Crow, giving him the power to wreak vengeance most victims only dream about. Jon J Muth's thoughtful and poignant story about the injustices of the world force the reader to decide is vengeance is really the right solution to any problem.

The first full colour issues #1-3, 5 and 6 of The Crow, produced by Todd McFarlane Productions are collected in volume 1 of The Crow: Vengeance.

120pp. $10.95 (US)

Out Now!


April 18th, 2000
STH in Australia
STH made its premier on Wednesday night on Australian television, and for all the Australian Crow Fans out there, to watch the show you need Foxtel. Here are the details;

8:30pm Wednesday Nights Fox 8


April 17th, 2000
James O'Barr Returns
Blue Monkey Graphics

James O'Barr's new comic company plans on releasing five titles later this year; a remastered version of the original Crow mini-series, a Crow tribute book and three brand-new titles.

Thanks to: Wizard


April 16th, 2000

The Crow Magazine Released
Finally! It's taken them months to release, but The Crow Magazine #1 is out in all fine comic stores. The magazine was supposed to be released in February, but after months of delays, it's finally here. This is what you have to expect when you pick it up;

Beau Smith, a director of McFarlane Productions has this to say about the new magazine:

"We will be reprinting the comics in a magazine format.  There will some news from Pressman Films on their films and such, but for the most part it will be reprints for the mass market."

Todd McFarlane Presents: THE CROW MAGAZINE #1

(W) Jon J Muth

(A) Jamie Tolagson

(Cover) Mark Nicholas

Urban horror with a gothic twist is the only way to describe The Crow. Here we see the first two instalments of one of the most groundbreaking series of 1999. Noted writer Jon J Muth weaves a story of love and revenge into the fabric of art laid down by artist Jamie Tolagson. This magazine also takes you behind the scenes with great information on the movie and TV series of the same name, Find out why The Crow is not only a legend in the printed page, but also with the world of entertainment.

56 pp. $4.95 (US)

- 56 page Magazine reprints THE CROW 1 & 2, plus coverage on the new CROW movie and more.


April 15th, 2000

The largest Crow News database on the net, around the clock Crow News - you know you love it. And I'm back to give you more of what you want most! So, strap yourselves in, Crow Fans, as ABaHB gets back to normal.

Salvation Advertising
A lot of you out there might be finding a few ads for Salvation appearing in magazines. The most notable one of these is in the latest issue of Wizard on page 27, where there is a full page advertisement for the Salvation Soundtrack. It states;

"The Crow Salvation, Original Motion Picture Score. Features the new Filter single "Best Things" as well as new music from Kid Rock, Hole, Rob Zombie, The Crystal Method, Danzig, Static X (featuring C. Bell of Fear Factory) and many more...

Also coming, The Crow: Salvation Score Enhanced CD featuring a screensaver and 4 new original printable drawings by "The Crow" creator James O'Barr."


April 11th, 2000

Holiday Special
Well, I'm off on holiday until the 14th, so for my three day absence, there will be no updates. So instead, we here at ABaHB have thrown together some bits and pieces for you to enjoy, which you can read all in one hit, or come back and read parts at a time. Firstly, we have the Frequently Asked Crow Questions, which LLcruize has updated and written. This FAQ really is comprehensive and if you have any questions, chances are, you'll find the answer here. And, as usual when I take a holiday, I leave a few pages of the Salvation Script behind, which you can read in sections. So, I will be back soon with around the clock Crow News on the 14th, so don't despair, Crow Fans, everything will be back to normal soon, so just enjoy all that we're giving you now!

I will have limited access to the internet, and if you have any questions, comments or just want to say hi, then you can get to me at irony_despair@hotmail.com or if you want any questions answered immediately, then please write to LLcruize at llcruize@yahoo.com and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

The FAQ's and only the FAQ's

 A Boy and His Bird would like to help in separating fact from fiction when it comes to The Crow.  A day doesn't go by when someone either seems to be misinformed, or has old information that has since been updated. What we will start out doing is giving the latest and greatest information on all of the projects concerned with The Crow. I welcome any questions from you. I have a vast variety of sources and information that can be put to use, so ask anything you have been trying to get an answer to. Send your questions to llcruize@yahoo.com , and I will get back to you ASAP, as well as post the question and answer here.  Don't forget to check the News section of ABaHB for the latest information on The Crow as with anything, the news can change on a daily basis at http://members.xoom.com//ABaHB/News . Also, if you want to know more about all the comics, novels, movies, etc., that are in the world of The Crow, check out the Reflections section to see a detailed premise and personal thoughts about all the Crow projects at  http://abahb.crowfans.com/News/Reviews/.

What is James O'Barr up to right now?
James' latest artwork can be found in the Salvation soundtrack, and score CD's. He has drawn some new pictures, inspired by the movie, and those have been included on the CD sleeves, as well as a full color fold out poster. Also, he is currently doing some work for ‘true Space user Mag', website http://www.tsmag.com . He is contributing a column, and will be doing some artwork as well. You can catch his latest travels on the site by clicking on the Eric figure on their front page. James had two comics released last Oct and Nov by ACG comics. They are entitled ‘Tasty Bits', and ‘Original Sins'.  They are reprints of some of his older work (check out the Reflections section for a review of both comics).  In an interview that can be found in the Image Crow #8 issue, O'Barr commented that he is working on a 6 volume Crow comic that involves a man and woman avatar (the majority of emphasis will be on the woman).  No timeframe was given as to when this would be released. Also, it has been rumored that O'Barr is working on the script for a 4th Crow movie. But as of this writing, this is only speculation, and nothing rock solid is known (O'Barr was rumored to have been working on the script for COA, and Salvation, both of which ended up not to be true).

What is the latest on The Crow: Salvation?
The last official word has Salvation coming out sometime in May of 2000 (May 19th has been thrown around by some websites, though no official confirmation).   We have not heard any news of when to expect a preview of it to show up in theaters, or TV. There have been reports that the release date will go further out into the summer, but this would not make sense with the soundtrack and score already in stores. The usual trend is the movie is released a month, to a month and a half after the release of its soundtrack.

Who will be on the Crow: Salvation soundtrack? Will Graeme Revell do the score again?
Here is the lineup, and songs included on the soundtrack.  The release date was March 28th, 2000, from Koch records, and can be picked up at most record, and discount stores. As for the score, Marco Beltrami was at the helm this time around (he has scored Mimic, Halloween H2O, as well as the Scream movies). The release date is April 11th. The CD is enhanced with a screen saver, and other goodies.

1. Best Things - Filter (remix)
2. Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie (Naked Exorcism mix)
3. Bad Brother - Infidels/Juliette Lewis
4. It's All Over Now Baby Blue - Hole
5. Warm Winter - Kid Rock
6. What You Want - The Flys
7. Waking Up Beside You - Stabbing Westward (Forgotten By The World mix)
8. Painful - Sin
9. Antihistamine - Tricky
10. Now Is The Time - Crystal Method (Millennium mix)
11. Everything Sucks (Again) - Pitch Shifter 1
12. Big God - Monster Magnet
13. Independent Slaves - Days Of The New
14. Burning Inside - Static X/Burton C. Bell
15. Rusted Wings - New American Shame
16. Underbelly Of The Beast - (remix) - Danzig

What is the latest on The Crow: Stairway to Heaven?
We have not heard much of anything since Jeff Most announced at the SanDiego Comic-Con International in August 99, that the series would be back. Edward Pressman released word that the rights were still being sought, and as of 1 Apr 2000, they have yet to be secured. Pressman wants the show back, but it will take some time for all the details to be worked out.  The latest copy of Cinefantastique, April 2000, has an article about Salvation. In it, this interesting comment is made: “The salvation of the new millennium is at hand. It will come with the release of THE CROW III: SALVATION through Miramax, the accompanying CD by Koch Records and the continuation of the television series STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN, all via Pressman Films, run by Edward R. Pressman and Jef Most." Very interesting comment there about STH. Sounds like it could be back for the Fall of 2000. We shall have to wait and see.

What about Rob Zombie's  Crow: 2037 script? 
This project was scraped close to 2yrs ago. It was to be directed and written by Rob Zombie. It was decided that the script would be better as a stand-alone story, not part of The Crow world.  Zombie does have a horror movie in the works with Miramax, also he will be featured on the Crow: Salvation soundtrack, with a remix of  “Living Dead Girl”.  Check out the latest edition of Cinefantastique for April 2000. Jeff Most is asked about the Zombie script, and goes into detail about what happened with it, and the current status of it.  

What has happened with Kitchen Sink Press?
KSP had to get out of the comic business after December 1998 (they still have an operation going, but their comic pision is shutdown).  You can no longer get any Crow comics from them. If you send in an order request, don't expect to see it filled. The last I saw, their website still boasted having Crow items for sale, but this is not the case.

What is the status of the Image Crow comics?
The comic series was ended after volume #10, which came out on November 24th, 1999.  There was a trade paperback released in January 2000 by Image that combined books 1-3, and 5-6, it's entitled   ‘The Crow: Vengeance ‘.  It was reported that in late February of 2000, there would be a magazine put out by McFarlane entitled ‘Todd McFarlane Presents – The Crow Magazine #1”. The first two volumes of the Image Crow series would be reprinted, along with behind the scenes information on The Crow movies, and the TV series. Two more magazines would follow. However, this project has been delayed, with all indications being that it will not be completed.      

When is the next Crow novel coming out?
Harper Collins issued the latest Crow novel, “Temple Of Night”, written by S.P. Somtow, in mid November 99. It is currently available at most bookstores and online stores.  Poppy Z.Brite's Crow novel, “Lazarus Heart”, is now available in mass paperback form.  Mass paperback is the style most books go to after their initial hardback release once they have sold a certain number of copies. Though the Crow novels were released in paperback form, it was in a larger, more expensive form. No current news of any releases for 2000, but we will keep eyes and ears open.

Where can I find a “Directors cut” or “Uncut” version of The Crow?
There is no “director's cut”, or “uncut” version, of the movie available for retail sale. There is a “Collectors” edition of both The Crow, and COA, available. COA has added scenes and The Crow does not, and the only other difference between them, and the original versions, is that they are in wide-screen format.  There is an unfinished version of The Crow that has long been passed around.  Not all of the special effects are finished, and the soundtrack music is in a different order. Contrary to some reports, there are no added scenes of Skullcowboy included, and the scene where Brandon is actually shot is not on this video (the film which contained this scene was destroyed out of respect to Brandon). The Webmaster of ‘A Dead Man Visits You', Corvus, purchased and viewed this unfinished version of The Crow from Ebay, and he has all the details on what is seen and not seen on it.   

Will there be a re-release of The Crow to theaters?
ABaHB was informed by Crow331, that during his visit to the August 99 Comic-Con held in San Diego, he asked Jeff Conner about a re-release of the movie. Conner said they had pitched the idea to Miramax and they loved it. No exact date was given, but the wheels are going forward with the idea to re-release The Crow in theaters with behind the scene footage added, and scenes taken out of the first movie. Conner said this would lead to a bigger version put to DVD with a lot more added, like directors audio commentary, storyboard art, production notes, interviews, etc. Big thanks to Crow331 for that update. 

Where can I find the “behind the scenes” video from the first movie?
There is no “official” video that documents behind the scene information. There is however, a behind the scene video shot with a home video camera that is floating around. It mostly shows the scenes with SkullCowboy being shot, but also includes many other scenes with the whole cast. This video is not available to the general public. It appears the video was shot by someone on the crew as a personal momento. Whoever shot the video must have lent it out, and a copy was made of it. The copy that ABaHB obtained is a version copied many times over from the original. It is hard to distinguish images in some parts, and the audio is hard to make out, but it is a very enjoyable video to watch. ABaHB has a review of it posted on the News section dated 3/29/00.  

What scene was being filmed when Brandon was accidentally shot?
The flashback sequence that shows Eric walking into the loft during Shelly's rape was being filmed the night Brandon was shot. Brandon walked through the door with a bag of groceries containing a blood bag as scripted. Michael Masse (Funboy) fired one shot at Brandon, and he fell to the ground as scripted. Proyas called ‘Cut' and the scene was over. Brandon lay still on the ground, mortally wounded in the abdomen.

What did the investigation into Brandon's death find?

Investigators believe a slug (tip of a bullet) was lodged in the chamber, of the gun Michael Masse fired. It is believed this occurred when the weapon had been unloaded prior to the flashback scene, and reloaded.  In another scene, the weapon was loaded with “dummy” bullets. These are cartridges, which have no gunpowder, but still have the slug. The center pin, or the ‘primer', is pre-fired by tapping it in with a hammer so there is no chance of the bullet firing when the hammer hits the primer.  These are used for close-up scenes of the weapon to give an appearance that it is loaded with real bullets. During this particular scene, the trigger was pulled and the gun made a strange sound. The chamber was checked, and all primers checked, the barrel however was not checked. All the primers were depressed in, so the gun was put up. It is theorized,  the sound heard by the crew was a live primer that had not been pre-fired. When the primer fired off, there was just enough force to dislodge the slug at the end of the cartridge, and lodge it in the barrel.  The gun was unloaded, and put up for a few weeks. The next time it was used was the night Brandon was shot. The weapon was loaded with blanks. Blanks are cartridges that have no slug, but have twice the gunpowder in them to emit a loud noise and fire flash. In the process of unloading the “dummies”, and loading the blanks, the slug lodged in the barrel was undetected by the prop-master that checked the weapon prior to it being used for the flashback scene. A special note here, the prop-master should not have been the one checking the weapon. Rather, a weapons-master should have been on-sight to do this check, but had been sent home to cut back on costs.  When Michael Masse aimed the weapon, he did not point the barrel away from Brandon, as is common safety practice. In so doing, Masse completed the chain of events that was started all the way back when the weapon was not thoroughly checked after the strange noise it emitted.  

How come Eric all of a sudden appears with tape on his body after he kills Funboy?
 Originally, the premise of the movie was that Eric, if he helped those that are still alive, would open himself up to being hurt. Before being edited out, the scene shows Darla has left the room, and Eric is looking at the needle. Funboy gets up out of the tub, and starts slashing Eric with the razor earlier taken away from Darla. Eric eventually overtakes Funboy, but the wounds from the razor do not heal, and he uses electrical tape to cover the wounds.  Using tape to cover his wounds was worked into the story to pay homage to the comic which had Eric wrap his arms with tape after he had slashed his own arms up.

Why was SkullCowboy edited out of The Crow?
This has long been a source of debate. The official reasons, given by Alex Proyas, are this. After completion, Proyas felt the scenes with SkullCowboy were redundant.  It was also felt that the SkullCowboy scenes would put too much emphasis on the supernatural element, and less on the love/revenge story. Finally, Proyas was not happy with the special effects. He felt they had not given adequate support to the character from an effects standpoint.  Proyas was truly sorry for having to cut out Michael Berryman's character, whom he felt had given a very good performance.  But given the reasons specified, he felt it best for the film not to include any of the scenes with SkullCowboy.  

How much of the film actually contains Brandon portraying Eric Draven?

All of the scenes with Eric in the loft after his resurrection are a body double, not Brandon (this includes the scene with Sarah). The exceptions being, when Eric first walks in, its Brandon, but it's a computer placed image of an earlier scene of him. Also, the scene of Eric walking towards the window with the Crow on his shoulder is Brandon, but was added by computer from another scene in the movie. And finally, the image of Eric's face in the mirror after Eric has punched it is Brandon's, but was put in via the computer.  All of the rooftop scenes of Eric running, and playing the guitar are a body double (Brandon was learning guitar for the flashback scenes of him playing, but he was not accomplished enough to pull off the rooftop solo scenes).   The scene on the dock with Eric sending  T-Bird to his death is a body double. If you notice, Eric's face is never shown, nor does he speak. However, they do show a quick shot of Eric looking down at T-Bird. This is Brandon, but its actually taken from an earlier scene in Gideon's (if you look closely to the left, you can see shadows on a ceiling over Eric's shoulder, which is out of place since they are outside).  The scene was added via the computer, and reversed to have Eric looking down and to the right, to coincide with the scene.  If you take in account these scenes, and the sum whole total of the film, Brandon is not in the movie that much. However, the most is made of the scenes that he actually is in.

What was Eric's last name in the comic?

He did not have a last name mentioned. The writers of the movie script added the last name ‘Draven' . Another variation from the comic is Eric being a musician. In the comic, he is a construction worker, handy man type. The whole rock musician persona was used for the movie to enhance the romantic image of the Eric Draven character. 

What is the name of the group that recorded the song ‘Goodbye', which is included in the episode of The Crow series that features the female avatar Talon?

The name of the group is ‘The Painkillers'. Their song ‘Goodbye' has been featured in both episodes of The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, which highlighted Bobbie Phillips' character, Hannah Foster, and has become an instant fan favorite.  This song is included on their 1998 release, ‘Medicine For The Soul', and is available on Amazon.Com.  This CD has since been re-released in Nov 99, with 6 more tracks, including an extra acoustic version of “Goodbye”. 

Is there a soundtrack CD available from the series, The Crow: Stairway To Heaven?

There is no CD available for retail sale. However, there is a CD that was put together just for the STH crew that was given to them as a Christmas present in 1998. Copies of this CD have shown up on Ebay.com, and a few sites like ‘The Crows Nest', have offered a copy as a prize for contests. Since the series is on hiatus until Pressman gets the rights, do not look for a retail sale copy to appear anytime soon. 

Will there ever be a video release of The Crow: Stairway To Heaven?

The first two episodes from the series, The Soul Can't Rest, and Souled Out, were combined for a U.S. release that happened on September 7th, 1999. There are no interviews, or behind the scenes footage with this release. However, Europe and Australia have a release for sale video that contains interviews with some of the cast members. You can find a copy of the U.S. release to rent at most video stores. As for when it will be available for retail sale is not known.   You can purchase a copy of the U.S. release on Amazon.Com, but it is priced over $90 bucks right now until it's released for retail sale.

Where can I find the Movie Maniacs 2 figure line that includes the Eric Draven?

The figure can be found in most Toys R Us, Spencer's, and KB Toys stores. Discount stores like Wal-Mart, K-mart, and Target as of yet, do not carry the line. Initially, the Draven figure was hard to find, but more shipments have come in since its original release in September 99. Mall stores like Babbages are also carrying the line. If you do not have any of these stores in your area, and your local comic store does not carry figures, there are numerous Eric Draven figures available on Ebay for sale. The figure retails for 9.95 in most stores, however, Toys R Us carries the figure for only $7.95.

 Where can I find the original script for the first movie?
There are a few sites that have the script, here is one of them. The site has a number of movie scripts on it, just page down to The Crow.  It is quit interesting to read the original soundtrack and see how many changes were made to the final cut of the movie:


What kind of guitar does Eric Draven use in the movie, and in the television series?
In the movie, Eric uses a solid black, six string, standard Fender Stratocaster. In the series, a black, six string, Gibson SG is used. The most noticeable difference in the guitars is that the Fender has all six adjuster tabs on the topside of the neck. The Gibson SG has three adjuster tabs on either side of the neck. 

Why does the name ‘Michael Corvin' appear on the headstone for the COA preview that is seen on The Crow VHS ? 
 As happens with many movies early in production, the name of the characters change sometimes from what they were originally intended to be. The preview for COA was made very early on in the production of the movie (if you notice, no scenes of COA are even shown). Initially, the name was going to be Michael Corvin, but to go along with the use of a four-letter first name theme, they changed it to Ashe.  

How can I get a copy of  the IN-D film, “James O'Barr's; The Crow”,  by David Ullman, which follows the comic book storyline, rather than the feature film storyline?  

David has received many requests for this video. Originally available for a $3.50 fee, and shipping costs, it was created for educational purposes, not profit. He has ran out of copies at this time. However, he is currently re-mastering the audio, and video for a re-release of the video this summer. He will also add a “Behind The Scenes” documentary at the end of the video. The price will still be within the same non-profit guideline of the first. David is currently getting consent to continue to use the work of O'Barr, and the bands featured on the soundtrack, in the re-mastered version.

To learn more about the video, order the video this summer, or to check on the progress, go to David's website: http://www.jamesobarrsthecrow.bizland.com

Salvation Script

If you don't want to know any of the plot elements in Salvation, then you'd best stay away from these script pages, however, if you just want to know, then click on the links and enjoy the read!


April 10th, 2000

No Date in Sight
Dimension states that the forthcoming THE CROW: SALVATION still has no concrete release date, regardless of the film's overly-hyped soundtrack and web-site (which is now on-line!)

STH on Video
The Crow: Stairway To Heaven video will be out June 6, 2000 according to buy.com http://www.us.buy.com/videos/product.asp?sku=40115421

Thanks to: The Crow's Nest Webmaster


April 9th, 2000

June Slate

Bad news for Crow Fans in June, as there is no sign of merchandise or comics set up for the month. Image has still yet to release their Crow reprints and it doesn't look likely that they will happen either. It seems that companies are catching on that The Crow isn't a huge money maker. So, keep watching ABaHB for more developments in respect to this situation, as there is more to come!


April 8th, 2000

Essential Salvation Reading

Although you may have been reading all there is to read about on Salvation in ABaHB, many fans might be wondering where it all comes from! So, here is the listings of what magazines have housed Salvation articles recently;

Femme Fatales (April 28th with Kirsten Dunst on the cover) , Cinefantastique (April with Star Trek Voyager cast on the cover) , Cinescape (Vol 8 No 3 with Indiana Jones on the cover) and Fangoria (#191 with American Psycho on the cover) and Wicked (No 2, small article with Kirsten Dunst)

Special thanks to: the.crow


April 7th, 2000

The Winged Messenger

ABaHB Articles

LLcruize's latest masterpiece has flown in, and it cannot be missed! So, all Crow Fans should give 'The Crow: Exploitation Vs Entertainment' a good read over, and if you like what you read, go over to the Discussion Board and post a message about it!


April 6th, 2000

Filter Video
April Lively sends in a review of the Filter video with Salvation stars!

"I just saw the new Filter video for "The Best Things." The video was basically the band playing out in the desert and racing muscle cars through the dust. The crow is shown flying through the air and Salvation crow symbol is shown on one of the muscle cars. Eric Mabius, Fred Ward and Kristen Dunst appear in the video several times. Dunst is shown partying in a crowd of Filter fans. The video has a sort of people partying outside, let's make a bonfire feel. Fred Ward plays a cop that goes to bust the party. Overall, the video is very cool and pretty good promo for Salvation."

Brandon Lee Memorial
Crow331 was kind enough to help us out and type up an article and pics!

...this is from the April 7, 2000 "Oscar Issue" #534 of Entertainment Weely because if anyone wants to own this magazine, it's only going to be on sale till Friday or Saturday of THIS week because next week's issue will already be on the stands by then and this issue will be pulled."


by Erin Richter

Seven years ago, rising star Brandon Lee was just cut down in his prime while filming The Crow. Brandon Lee never intended to follow in his father's footsteps. But with his shocking March 31, 1993, death while filming the gothic fantasy The Crow, the all-too-similar fates of father and son would forever be tragically linked.

Brandon was 8 when his father, martial-arts legend Bruce Lee, mysteriously died of a brain edema weeks before the release of his U.S. breakthrough Enter the Dragon. The Hong Kong coroner's cryptic declaration of "death by misadventure" fueled theories blaming Lee's death on either the Chinese Mob or a demonic curse (the same rumors would hang over his son's demise).

The Crow seemed born under its own curse. Writer James O'Barr conceived the comic-book character, a ghostly Harlequin-faced avenger, after his girlfriend's violent death. But Brandon, who grew up struggling to escape his father's long shadow, hoped the film would be his dramatic break from the chopsocky actioners (like Showdown in Little Tokyo and Rapid Fire) that had launched his career.

From its very first day, when a carpenter suffered severe burns after his crane hit live power lines, the 58-day shoot in Wilmington, N.C., was besieged with troubles. In the following weeks, a grip truck caught fire, a disgruntled sculptor crashed his car through the studio's plaster shop, and a crew member accidentally drove a screwdriver through his hand. The already stressed-out cast and (primarily nonunion) crew were working grueling hours to finish Australian director Alex Proyas' $14 million American debut on time and under budget, which may have led to the film's most poignant mishap.

The scene called for Lee's character, Eric Draven, to enter his apartment, stumble upon his fiancee's rape, and get shot. (With the major shootouts in the can, the firearms consultant had been cut loose.)

The take looked perfect...but Brandon didn't get up.

The tip of a dummy .44 slug had inadvertently gotten jammed in the barrel of the gun, and the force of the blank sent it into Brandon's abdomen. After 5 hours of surgery, the 28-year-old actor died. (No criminal charges were filed, and Brandon's mother, Linda Lee Cadwell, settled her negligence suit against the film's producers. (The footage of Brandon's death was reportedly destroyed.)

After much deliberation, the filmmakers finished The Crow as a tribute to Brandon, and upon its 1994 release, the film grossed $50 million domestically. It spawned a TV series and two sequels (the third, The Crow: Salvation, is due later this year.) and cemented a cult following for Brandon much like his father's. According to Crow producer Edward R. Pressman, "There's an aspect of The Crow that always connects to Brandon."

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April 5th, 2000

The Crow: Salvation
It's gotta be better than the last one.

Release Date: May 19, 2000

Ah, spring. The ducks fly back north and the Crows fly into theatres -- at least after missing their Halloween release dates.

So … a new Crow movie. This may not be the most exciting news you've heard, given the muddled mess that was The Crow: City of Angels, but there may be hope. The new storyline sounds interesting and, according to reports, James O'Barr (the comic's creator) likes the film.

The story centers on a young man, wrongfully convicted and executed for his girlfriend's murder. So he's coming back to life in true Crow style to punish the real murderers: a bunch of crooked cops. Now that's a villain we can all really hate. Along the way he must convince his girlfriend's sister that he isn't the murderer. Sounds like a simple story, but hey, so was the first Crow. As long as it moves, that's all that counts -- oh and a hot chick wouldn't hurt either.

That's where Kristin Dunst comes in. She was good as the vampire child in Interview with a Vampire, and now little Kirsten looks pretty grown up (and pretty, grown-up -- see Dick). The cast also includes Eric Mabius (memorable as Steve Rodgers –Weiner Dog's love interest in Welcome to the Dollhouse) as the new Crow, and Fred Ward (memorable from about 800 films).

Other good news for this Crow is that the few shots available as well as the poster art all look appropriately gothic. And even better, the soundtrack looks very promising, sporting the likes of Pitch Shifter, Hole, Monster Magnet and Kid Rock.

The bad news is the release date. The film is almost six months overdue -- any time a film needs this much post-production tooling, well, let's just say it doesn't bode well. Additionally, the film changed hands several times before actually being made. Anyone remember when this was going to be a Rob Zombie production?

And last but not least, Dimension doesn't have the best luck with third outings. See Scream 3 or Highlander 3 if you don't believe us. Or better yet don't.

Still, the world needs more gothic supernatural revenge tales, so we'll keep our fingers crossed for this one.

Special ABaHB thanks to: movies.ign.com


April 4th, 2000

A new Crow for a new audience

By Rob Allstetter/The Comics Continuum

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah -- It didn't take long to realize there's something different going on with The Crow: Salvation.

As soon as you take a couple of steps onto the set, sequestered on a dusty trainyard in an industrial area of Salt Lake City, Eric Mabius, the actor playing the new Crow, comes into view.

Mabius looks nothing like the previous feature-film Crows; there's no long black hair like that worn by Brandon Lee or Vincent Perez ­ or even the recent TV Crow Mark Dacascos.

There's no black outfit. Instead, there's a jumpsuit, something like you would see on a gas attendant or (hint, hint) a prisoner.

There's no face painting. Instead, Mabius' Crow sports painful-looking scars.

And this guy's definitely younger than the other Crows. He looks 21, not 31. To borrow a phrase from the X-Men, this is "an all-new, all-different" take on the concept created by James O'Barr.

As The Crow franchise reaches its third movie, the follow-up to The Crow and The Crow: City of Angels marks the biggest departure of any Crow flick. Skewed with younger characters and new twists to the mythos established by O'Barr, The Crow: Salvation looks to keep the franchise flying into the next century.

The Continuum visited the set of The Crow: Salvation last year, and this is the first in a series of reports on the movie. This one is basically a primer on the film ­ look for more photographs, detailed information and features here in future weeks.


The Crow: Salvation completed six weeks of principal photography in late March 1999. The production is from Edward R. Pressman Film Corp. and will be released by Miramax/Dimension. A release date should be announced soon.

Like the first two Crow movies, The Crow: Salvation is being produced by Pressman and Jeff Most.

Chip Johannessen, a writer and producer of Fox's Millennium television series, wrote the screenplay.

"I certainly believe, in my heart of hearts, this is the best production we've had on The Crow," Most said. "We certainly have the finest screenplay we've yet had to work on in terms of a new telling of The Crow.

"It's hard to compare to the first Crow because it's such an enigma and it is such a worshipped film. That said, I think that, due to the first Crow being able to establish what a Crow is, we've been able to take all of that impetus and put it in a dynamic storytelling that is very different from either of the first two movies ­ which in many ways resembled each other in a storytelling schematic."

British director Bharat Nalluri, whose credits include Downtime and Killing Time, is making his American film debut with The Crow: Salvation.

"I think we have the most talented director we've had to work with," Most said. "Bharat is our only Crow director who had directed features before The Crow. Both Alex Proyas and Tim Pope, it was their first feature.

"Bharat comes to the set with an assurance, an understanding, a depth of knowledge and a passion for the material that oozes from his pores. We see it in the dailies, and sitting behind the monitor, I see it every evening."

"Middle of last year, I didn't know I was going to be doing The Crow," Nalluri said. "I just made two successful movies back in England and was starting to do commercials, and, for some reason, my reel ended up on Pressman's table.

"They loved it, and I got a phone call. And they said, 'Your stuff looks really, really sexy and dynamic.' I flew in, and we had a meeting.

"They said, 'What would you like to do with the Crow if you had a chance?'

"I said, 'I'd like to do a young Crow. I'd like to bring it down so all the actors were 16, 18, 21. Make old people bad. Make young people good.'

"They said, 'Oh, that's funny, here's the script.' Obviously, we were on the same wavelength right from the start. And that's it. Here I am ­ in Utah!"

Nalluri said he hopes to put his stamp on the franchise.

"This is my film," he said. "They were calling it Crow 3 when I came on, and I went, 'No, this is The Crow: Salvation.' It's its own movie; it's a very different story and we've done something very fresh and new to it. And it has a new visual style. We've brought it up to date, and the editing style is going to be pretty radical."


The Crow: Salvation centers around 21-year-old Alex Corvis, who is sent to the electric chair for a crime he did not commit: the brutal murder of his girlfriend, Lauren Randall.

His subsequent resurrection signals the birth of a new Crow, who must find out who is behind the conspiracy that led to Lauren's murder. The twist is that this Crow doesn't have a clear path to redemption.


Eric Mabius stars as Alex Corvis, the new Crow.

Mabius starred in Welcome to the Dollhouse, the Grand Jury winner at the 1996 Sundance Film Festival. He also appeared in I Shot Andy Warhol and The Journey of the August King and the independent films Lawn Dogs and The Black Circle Boys.

Mabius attracted director Narulli's attention with Lawn Dogs. Narulli was editing his last movie, Downtime, in London while Lawn Dogs was being edited just down the corridor, giving him an excellent opportunity to see Mabius' work.

"I thought this guy was brilliant, and he really stuck in my head," Narulli said. "I came to L.A. and everyone had the consensus of making a young Crow, a 21-year-old Crow. Someone who is the fan base, basically.

"They said, 'Who do you want?' And I said, 'Eric.' He was the first choice. He came in, and we got on like a house afire. I'm so glad we made this choice. He's a brilliant actor.

"He's very physical. He doesn't come from a martial-arts background, but we put him through training and he took to it like a duck to water."

Mabius said he was grateful with the chance to continue the legacy of The Crow, following the feature-film footsteps of Brandon Lee and Vincent Perez.

"The process started in October, and it wasn't very quick ­ five weeks," he recalled. "I would sort of put it out of my mind and then I would get these tortuous calls ­ 'Oh, you're still in the mix.'

"They didn't go with the obvious choice. Everybody could have wanted a television face, a hot face, but Bharat and Jeff stuck by me ­ as did Ed. Without Bharat pushing for me like he did..."

For his first action movie, Mabius, a former luger, was trained by David Lea, who was Michael Keaton's stunt double in Batman and Batman Returns.

"He's very natural," Lea said. "He's one of the persons I've worked with who's come across with flying colors."

And while an energetic Mabius comes across convincingly in the action scenes ­ even coming up with some impromptu fight choreography on the set - he was just as happy with the more emotional moments in the filming.

"I was amazed at how rich the script is," Mabius said. "That's part of the reason I took the part. Obviously, The Crow is a genre piece, but there's a lot more respect from the audience, and it requires more. It's the revenge I need to find and the love I have for Lauren that brings me back.

"When I don't know where I am at times (during the production), I am always going back to that and it sets me up again."

Kirsten Dunst plays Erin Randall, the kid sister of the murdered Lauren.

Dunst, now 17, is best known for her Golden Globe-nominated role in Interview with the Vampire.

Her film credits include Little Women, Jumanji, Wag the Dog, Small Soldiers, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Dick and All I Wanna Do and Virgin Suicides. She also appeared in the television series ER.

"Kirsten Dunst is truly the finest actress of her generation," Most said. "I mean, we roll cameras, the director and I sit behind the monitor and we just look at each other in awe."

"Kirsten Dunst is probably the most naturally gifted actor I've worked with in my life," Narulli said. "Stunning. A 16-year-old, and boy, can she act. We were very, very lucky to get her. You know her pedigree.

"She fell in love with the script and was very keyed to do it. The chemistry between her and Eric has been perfect. It really leaps off the screen. The best stuff in the movie is just them."

Fred Ward plays the captain of the police force.

He has more than 35 films to his credit, including the recent Chain Reaction and Dangerous Beauty. Genre fans probably know him best from the Tremors movies and Cast a Deadly Spell.

"Fred Ward is really cool," Narulli said. "I remember Fred Ward from things like Miami Blues, The Right Stuff and Tremors. He's an established actor ­ a really good actor ­ and to get him to come on board is just great."

Jodi Lynn O'Keefe plays Alex's girlfriend Lauren.

A former model, O'Keefe appeared in more than 75 episodes of NBC's Another World soap opera and has a recurring role as Don Johnson's daughter in CBS' Nash Bridges.

In feature films, O'Keefe has appeared in Halloween: H20 and She's All That. She currently can be seen in Phoenix Pictures' Whatever It Takes.

Grant Shaud plays Alex's lawyer.

Shaud is best known for playing Miles, the put-upon program director, in the long-running sitcom Murphy Brown. Since leaving the series, Shaud has appeared in guest-star appearances and in the telefilms The Distinguished Gentleman and From Earth to the Moon.


The sound track has already been released from Koch Records, and a music video by Filter was shot last month. Stars Mabius, Dunst and Ward, were part of the filming for the Filter song "The Best Things." The music video was shot during a weekend -- one night at Griffith Park and two days in Death Valley.

The video includes a car race and a party that Filter is playing at. Ward plays a policeman - like he does in the movie. It hasn't been determined if Mabius and Dunst are totally in character, although Mabius does not wear his Crow makeup in the video.

Nalluri and Most also showed up at the video shoot.

Also on the soundtrack are "Living Dead Girl" by Rob Zombie (Naked Exorcism Mix by Charlie Clausser of Nine Inch Nails); "Bad Brother" by The Infidels (featuring Juliette Lewis); "Warm Winter" by Kid Rock; "It's All Over Now Baby Blue" by Hole; "What You Want" by The Flys; "Big God" by Monster Magnet; "Painful" by Sin; "Antihistamine" by Tricky (Forgotten By The World Mix); "Independent Slaves" by Days Of The New; "Everything Sucks (Again) by Pitchshifter; "Waking Up Beside You" by Stabbing Westward; "Now Is The Time" "Now Is The Time" (The Crystal Method Millennium Mix); "Burning Inside" by Static X (featuring Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory); "Rusted Wings" by New American Shame; and "Underbelly Of The Beast" by Danzig (remix of "Belly Of The Beast").

Most said his goal ­ as with all Crow films - is to produce new music specifically for the soundtrack.

"What I found is that, in identifying music for The Crow, it is certainly a matter of defining moments and characters, and defining the essence and vibe of the environments that we go into," he said. "That's of particular interest to me because when I watch a film and I'm hearing a lot of pop-familiar songs I've heard before on the radio, I'm often taken out of the movie and I reference in a mental manner some other occasion that I'm reminded of by the song.

"And so, what I've always sought to do is make the music of The Crow stand alone, so that those songs don't bring another connotation, they don't take you out of the movie. People come to them to look for a reunion to the experience they had watching the film."

Most described his philosophy on assembling performers.

"We have played with different formats of music and have tried to meld them together," he said. "We've never gone with one sound. What we've always sought to do is have an album flow as if an artist were creating, from different vantage points, songs about a life. We always try to bring different stylistic touches to songs that are used in The Crow."

Look for more stories on The Crow: Salvation soon here in The Continuum.

Thanks to: The Comic Book Continuum


April 3rd, 2000

The Crow: Salvation Score
For those who aren't sure of the date for the Salvation Score to come out, it's on April 11. The CD is fully enhanced featuring a sceensaver and 4 original drawings by James O'Barr! The score itself is composed by Marco Beltrami, and thecrow.com explains the album as:

"Continuing another Crow tradition, the release of the orchestral score will feature a new song co-written by the film's composer, Marco Beltrami. A rising force in the new breed of film composers, Beltrami first found fame with his exciting scores for the Scream films. His work on SALVATION is evocative and compelling, representing a new level of excellence for the young composer. Beltrami re-arranged the film's love theme, and actress/singer Lauri Crook (Without Air, Crooked Tom) wrote original lyrics for it. The resulting song, “Meet Again”, was then recorded by Jane Jensen, whose Comic Book Whore album for Interscope was a major event last year. It's another great reason to check out the score album, which will also feature “scores” of downloadable goodies in an exclusive CD-ROM section."

Comics 2 Film
Another big thanks goes out to theComics 2 Film site who posted some of our news! Check out Comics 2 Film if you want to get up to date with any movie projects relating to movies.


eBay Warning
Sam writes this in to us, warning about people on eBay who claim to be selling Crow products, but just take the money;

"the user ID currently (he has in the past changed it once his negative feedback is -10) is blixabonebreaker was kidsuicide when i bidded on the item in october. boysdontcry730@aol.com he has also changed his addy many times... at the momment the user has been User Suspended but ebay is so slow and they often do ignore or do little about complaints so he will be back.. he goes by the name of brandon johnson and is located in philadelphia,PA... i appreciate any way to spread the info around."


April 2nd, 2000

Filter Video Pics
For those who want to see a preview of 'The Best Things' filter video, staring Fred Ward, Eric Mabius and Kirsten Dunst. The pics don't have any shots of the Salvation stars, but it gives a good look at the video.

Thanks to: April Lively and Crigg


David Ullman, the maker of 'James O'Barr's The Crow' independent film has been getting a lot of bootleggers over his film. I would like to discourage any of you from buying the video on auction sites, as the video is on an inferior quality and not worthy to the original.


April 1st, 2000

The Crow.com
It's finally changed! Go check out www.thecrow.com for a sneak peek at Salvation! The site houses new pics, background pics, a run down of the soundtrack and will have extra Crow features!


The Crow 4
If this doesn't stun you, then nothing will. Take a look at what Pressman Films is developing for The Crow 4:

CROW IV Continuing the comic-book horror franchise, THE CROW IV will be set in the world of hip-hop music. The story will focus on a rap artist who, at the height of his career, is gunned down in mysterious circumstances. A year later, he returns from the grave through the spirit of the Crow in order to find out who his real killers are and to exact revenge upon them in style.

Thanks to: Joshua Bunkofske


New Month
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