Teeth Whitening

When bleaching the teeth a gel with hydrogen peroxide is used together with a beam from a CFL or a laser. You can sometimes get sensitive teeth after the treatment, but it usually goes over in a couple of days.

You can also take a treatment called Air Flow, this procedure is also performed by a dentist. This method is simpler and cheaper but won’t make as visible results. In this treatment you clean the teeth with an air jet mixed with bicarbonate and water. Both of the above treatments take about an hour. The treatments usually cost between 500-1000 dollars. It is important that you don’t have damaged teeth before starting the treatment. The results of teeth whitening usually persist for 2-5 years.

Dental Examination

child at dentistYou can prepare with brushing your teeth before a dentist appointment. Usually you get to fill out a health form when you come to the reception. The survey begins with the dentist goes through the teeth with a mirror and a hook. To find signs of caries or soft infected spots. He checks after holes. If the dentist finds a hole you will get booked for a new appointment. The gum is also checked to see if there are any signs of periodontal disease.

Even the jaw joints, and gum are pockets checked. This is to be able to identify early stages of periodontal disease in good time. They measure the gumpockets depth and checks for calculus in them. The mucous membranes is also important to note, because by observing them they can detect early stages of cancer or other medical conditions. The mucous membranes often signals the body’s overall health. The survey takes approximately 20-30 minutes then you go through the results with the dentist. You go through if additional treatments are necessary and, if so, how the cost picture looks. You may also find out when the next visit will take place. This post is written by Min Laserbehandling – Thanks for the article!

Remove Tartar

ekosttillskottTartar is formed by bacterial deposits on the teeth and it’s very common. Tartar is removed with an instrument with a rounded top that vibrates feather-light with the help of ultrasound, it is held against the tooth surface and the stone until it disappears. There are also instruments which to scrapes off dental stones. Tartar can be removed without sedative and it’s not uncomfortable. If you still want sedative you can get it.

An even newer approach is surgical laser. It has a tip that can loosen Tartar so that the standard way to eliminate dental stone becomes easier. The light of the laser kills the bacteria in periodontal pocket. The treatment ends with the tooth surfaces polished. This makes the surfaces become more smooth and easier to clean. After treatment, one can feel a bit sore in the gum that had been cleaned but the symptoms usually disappear after a week.

Mend holes

When you drill teeth you usually take anaesthesia in order to avoid pain. Drill grinds away plaque and damaged enamel. It is important to remove plaque, because that is where the bacteria can grow and later create holes in the tooth. By drilling removed all malicious and infected tooth structure. A dentist drills until the tooth is hard again and only the healthy part of the tooth is left. Depending on the hole size the dentist can make use of various kinds of repairations. Either fill, or at larger hole a post. At the smaller holes they use a special plastic, which is porous, but then hardens. Even for larger holes plastic can also be used but gold or porcelain might be relevant. If the tooth is so damaged that a reparation can’t fix it, you can get a new dental Crown instead. BTW: Find everything you need about truckutbildning here.

Root Canal Examination

jurist-gbgPulp cavity, which is the soft tissue inside the tooth where the blood vessels and the nerves sit can become infected if it is attacked by caries. Toothache occurs in many cases associated with pulp cavity to become corrupted. Swelling and sensitivity to temperature differences can also occur. But it’s not always you get any symptoms. Pulp cavity has been thoroughly corrupted, you have to make a root treatment. First drill the dentist removed the infected soft part of the tooth is then cleared out root canals using germicides. If necessary you can take an x-ray the dentist to determine that everything is gone. In some cases, we use germicidal posts before you get going on return visits and implement rootfilling. When the tooth is rootfill, a new dental Crown. Untreated infections can result in the pulp cavity dies, continue the infection can spread into the tooth root all the way to the jawbone. It is therefore important that a dentist may examine the tooth of time. It does not usually hurt to rootfill a tooth. But you can ask the dentist for anesthesia if you feel you need it. you can be a bit sore Afterwards in the tooth but it will go over by itself after a while. If the affection does not disappear after a prolonged period of time, one should contact their dentist again. Our friends at jurist göteborg is helping out with this article.

Sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth will feel discomfort or pain when you eat something cold. This may be the thin outer layer of the tooth, which can be a precursor to periodontal disease or tooth brushing too hard that ground down the surface. Also caries tooth enamel that penetrated down to the pulp cavity may produce similar pains. Flossing and brushing is a way to prevent sensitive. There are toothpastes that are tailored specifically for the sensitive. There is no documented scientific evidence that it will work. But suffer one of the problems, it may still be worth trying it. Jobba i Norge som truckförare

Bad breath

truckkortBreath and oral hygiene are interrelated. All people may suffer from temporary bad breath. But constant bad breath can be a sign of more profound causes. Temporary bad breath is often a result of what we ate. Even smoking and snus contributes to bad breath. Poor saliva production also contributes to worse breath. To have good oral hygiene is an easy and great way to avoid bad spirit. Drinking plenty of water can also be recommended.


At each intake of food formed plaque-a film of bacteria on the teeth. This film must be removed as soon as possible, otherwise the reacts with minerals in the saliva and forms tartar. Tartar cannot brush off, but must be removed with the help of a dentist or dental hygienist. There are two 2 different kinds of calculus: one, onto the surface of the teeth and is pretty easy to spot. The second type is formed in gum pockets become inflamed. Best way to avoid Tartar is to keep their teeth clean. Most have Tartar on at least one tooth, but more than one in ten adults has more extensive tartar. Ads: Pris ögonlaser and get a jurist.

Dental Caries

Or what is called tooth decay is something most experienced at some point in life. Dry mouth increases the risk of tooth decay because the saliva cannot neutralize the bacteria in your mouth. The easiest way to protect against tooth decay is to brush your teeth regularly. Preferably twice a day. And avoid sugar and snacking. If you frequently suffer from tooth decay, along with a dentist to investigate and determine the cause. In the stage to tooth decay, one can see the small white spots on the enamel, in a later stage, it becomes yellow and then Brown. When the bacteria finally penetrated the enamel forms a black hole. To prevent a hole is formed if the brushes thoroughly at the point you discover that a precursor to tooth decay. Untreated tooth decay can lead to the tooth forever destroyed and rot away. If suspect that you suffer from tooth decay, you should consult with your dentist.  Hårborttagning med laser.

Inflamed gums

Often, one can notice that your gums are inflamed, it turns red, tenderly and sometimes start to bleed when you brush it. the most effective way to get rid of the inflammation is to brush gently on the problem area with a soft toothbrush. Flossing and dental sticks are also important to clean the spots where the toothbrush cannot reach. If you feel that it does not get better even with thorough cleaning, you should consult a dentist.